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Building Custom Homes and Lasting Relationships

Pitts & Associates’ mission is to craft fine custom homes using quality materials and a team of highly skilled, experienced contractors while offering the best value and experience to our customers. We are dedicated to helping our customers create a home which best represents their vision through an open, inclusive relationship.


Are you longing to build your dream home or forever home?  Pitts & Associates has over three decades of experience crafting custom homes in the Greater Richmond area.  No matter where you are in the process, we can help you with the next steps.

and Renovations

Renovating or adding on to your existing home may be the best option, especially when you love your home and location. You can count on us to seamlessly execute your renovation or addition with our high standards and fine attention to detail.


Today, families are spending more time at home.  Whether you are in need of a pool house, detached garage, or barn, Pitts & Associates delivers the same level of superior craftsmanship with our little buildings that we offer with our custom homes.

photo of Tony Pitts

About Tony Pitts

Tony’s passion for building began as a young man working summer jobs in construction while in high school and college.  After graduating, Tony took those experiences and started Pitts & Associates.  Early in his career, he realized he was most interested in and best suited to lead a small, custom home building business.  For over 30 years, he’s done just that.

“People often smile when we tell them how much fun we had building our house.  Tony and his entourage of artists and craftsmen led us through the building process on one theory – if we could dream it, they could build it.  With a keen eye on the cost he had quoted, Tony translated our vision into a working plan that resulted in our very special home.  Every day was a joy, in the company of Tony and the team. 
What an amazing adventure.”

~ Ellen Bain Smith